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Tree of Savior Rank Reset Vouchers

Jul 13, 2018

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Basically, this voucher resets your Tree Of Savior Silver characters class and rank time for 1. Then, it provides you with consumable tickets to enhance ranks and rebuild your character. Learning attributes can also be free of charge up to your attribute level you had prior to used the Rank Reset.
Things to Know Before You Reset

There are plenty of things Tree of Savior players should know about before they will use one of those Rank Reset Vouchers, and even before they retrieve it. Players is only going to get one per account, and it also cannot be traded. So do make sure you retrieve the voucher using the character you want to reset. Also, the voucher should be used within fourteen days.

Before utilizing the voucher, players should basically strip their characters down. They must unequip all items, unlock any class advancement costumes, disassociate any companions, close all shops, and cease all crafting or enhancing. If your TOS Silver character can be a Templar Guild Master, you might have to pass that position to another person or leave your guild.