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Jerusalem Channel

Jerusalem Channel

Exploits MinistryBalanced, "meaty" and faith-filled programs from Jerusalem concerning End-Time prophecy, healing, faith and miracles among Muslims. Revivalist and author Christine Darg brings to the programs her wealth of experience of three decades of serving the Lord in Israel, Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe. Christine's Gorpel campaigns and prayer journeys have taken her into some of the most dangerous spots on earth.

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Vows and Plagues

20 Погледи

The Famine of Fatherhood

404 Погледи

A Season of Miracles

249 Погледи

Coronavirus: Curse or Blessing?

1,805 Погледи

Israel's Corona War

3,424 Погледи

What's New in the Old Testament?

2,074 Погледи

God's Watchmen Over Israel

2,983 Погледи

Plagues, Locusts & Jesus

5,668 Погледи

The Miracles of Passover

2,509 Погледи

How's Your World View?

2,712 Погледи

Israel- Eternal or Ephemeral?

3,054 Погледи

Dressing for Spiritual Success

2,896 Погледи

Ten Birth Pains of Messiah

3,622 Погледи

Unleashing More Power and Stamina

4,745 Погледи

The Power of Prophecy

3,796 Погледи

The Protocol of Healing

2,682 Погледи

The Very Jewish Mother of Messiah

3,175 Погледи

Lord, I Need Your Guidance

3,609 Погледи

The 'Saturday People' Under Attack

5,560 Погледи

The Gemstone That Spoke for God

4,212 Погледи

Rituals of Evil vs. the Bible

4,348 Погледи

The Two Faces of Messiah

4,307 Погледи

The Identity Theft of Jesus

3,925 Погледи

The Jonah Conundrum

4,001 Погледи

Prayers in a Time of Crisis

4,324 Погледи

The Shofar, God's Trumpet

4,913 Погледи

Living in the Days of Noah

6,475 Погледи

Bible Prophecy: Toxic or Tonic?

5,367 Погледи

Super Weapon: Combined Prayer & Fasting

4,328 Погледи

A Fresh Touch From God!

4,645 Погледи

When Peace is Deadly

4,530 Погледи

The Controversy of Christian Zionism

5,319 Погледи

The Peril of False Brethren

7,984 Погледи

Страна од 7
1 - 35 од 218 видеа