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The Jesus ChannelThe Jesus Channel (jesuschannel.org) is the free non-denominational TV network that features sermons and teachings by top pastors and professors who present easy to understand advanced knowledge of the bible and its prophetic revelations for our world today. Also on the Jesus Channel app are the Messiah Channel and the Savior Channel. Jesus Channel is broadcast by the non-profit Messiah TV Ministries.(JesusChannel.Org).

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The Person of Jesus Christ

13,269 Погледи

Who Is Jesus? (John 1:1-14)

16,011 Погледи

Evidence for the Resurrection

10,548 Погледи

God as Savior and Redeemer(Psalm 103)

7,843 Погледи

Don't Be Surprised by Fiery Ordeals

4,829 Погледи

Live Faithful in a Fallen World

11,788 Погледи

Trustworthiness of the Bible

12,989 Погледи

Spiritual Gifts 1 Corinthians 12

5,200 Погледи

The Filling of the Holy Spirit

3,957 Погледи

Joseph and His Bretheren

25,296 Погледи

God Cares for Me, Even Me!

5,072 Погледи

The Gospel Summary (Romans 3:9-31)

3,900 Погледи

The Messiah (Isaiah 52:13-53:12)

6,079 Погледи

Spiritual Warfare (Ephesians 6)

3,078 Погледи

Apostasy (Hebrews 6)

2,868 Погледи

The Holy Ones Holy Ones

3,274 Погледи

David and Goliath

12,723 Погледи

Immanuel (Isaiah 7)

7,186 Погледи

Nicodemus (John 3) by Dr. Bob Utley

3,810 Погледи

The Old Testament

11,743 Погледи

Where is Happiness Found

2,963 Погледи

The Mystery of God by Dr. Bob Utley

7,275 Погледи

Justification By Grace Through Faith

6,041 Погледи

Samson and Gideon

8,574 Погледи

Страна од 2
1 - 35 од 65 видеа