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Foreign Language Pure Passion TV

Foreign Language Pure Passion TV

Mastering Life MinistriesSelected programs in: Arabic (dubbed), Bulgarian (dubbed), Japanese (subtitles), Romanian (subtitles), Russian (dubbed).

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French - Broken Hearts - Ruth Graham

61,901 Погледи

French - Gaining Freedom from Pornography

130,707 Погледи

French - Jesus' Power Over Homosexuality

18,509 Погледи

French - Pt 2 - Author of the Shack

56,932 Погледи

From Gay Activist to Child of God

132,904 Погледи

Freedom from Lesbianism

10,619 Погледи

French - Homosexuality & the Bible

13,605 Погледи

Страна од 5
1 - 35 од 166 видеа