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ClaudyGod's Nugget of Truth

ClaudyGod's Nugget of Truth

ClaudetteGeorgeThe sharing of inspired Nuggets of Truth of God's word

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Why God blesses us

5 Погледи

The Lord Our Stronghold

11 Погледи

What Soil Is Your Heart?

8 Погледи


22 Погледи

The Lot’s Wife type of Christian

8 Погледи

What will it cost you?

2 Погледи

God sends goodness our way.

8 Погледи

Self-worship or God Worship?

13 Погледи

The Day of the Lord!

0 Погледи

Trust in the Lord!

6 Погледи

Peace! Be still.

10 Погледи

Be careful of criticizing others.

8 Погледи

Faith releases the Power of God

18 Погледи

The God that’s ahead of us

12 Погледи

Why we “GO THROUGH?”

0 Погледи

This "one-thing" you lack.

3 Погледи

When the Church Prays.

1 Поглед

Do not worry!

7 Погледи

The Deceived Christian

3 Погледи

Страна од 2
1 - 35 од 46 видеа