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The Messianic Channel

The Messianic Channel

BethAdonaiThe Messianic Channel broadcast teachings on the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. You can view teachings from Rabbi Scott Sekulow and his wife Judy or View other teachers and weekly sermons from Congregation Beth Adonai in Tucker, GA. bethadonai.com

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A Divine Appointment with The King

96 Погледи

Are you ready to be awake?

50 Погледи

Rosh Chodesh Elul

82 Погледи

Do not follow false prophets

127 Погледи

Elul and Psalm 23

307 Погледи

Torah Portion Eikev

142 Погледи

Understanding the Weekly Sabbath.

98 Погледи

In God we Trust

83 Погледи

Understanding What is a Vow

72 Погледи

The Us versus Them Mentality

213 Погледи

Torah Portion Matot-Masei

104 Погледи

Rosh Chodesh Av

140 Погледи

Building Phase

164 Погледи

Torah Portion Balak

326 Погледи

Yeshua the Jewish Messiah

469 Погледи

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

317 Погледи

Yeshua the Jew

457 Погледи

Who is Messiah?

398 Погледи

Torah Portion B'haalot'cha.

270 Погледи

Anointed to Sh'ma

251 Погледи

Torah Portion Nasso

493 Погледи

Life of Torah

152 Погледи

Rosh Chodesh Sivan

158 Погледи

Yeshua, the Jew

250 Погледи

Seeking G-D with Rabbi Scott Sekulow

200 Погледи

Страна од 7
1 - 35 од 228 видеа