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Jim Devney-Sermons

Jim Devney-Sermons

GracepointChurchPastor Jim Devney is becoming one of the best "Righly Dividing" teachers in the country.
His messages are definitely worth you spending your time studying the scriptures with him.

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6-28-20 Sermon

17 Погледи

Why Don't We Baptize?

344 Погледи

Deceived By Error and Blind As A Bat

1,445 Погледи

The True Gospel and A False One

1,081 Погледи

In Heaven With Our Loved Ones

1,461 Погледи

No To Abortion

1,038 Погледи

The Issue of Hell

1,131 Погледи

Baptism, No, Why?

1,363 Погледи

The Believer's Prayer

1,124 Погледи

The Answer Is This Word

1,539 Погледи

Time Past, But Now

1,188 Погледи

Today's Gospel Of Grace

1,181 Погледи

It's Time To Mature In Our Faith

1,157 Погледи

Keep On Keeping On

1,307 Погледи

Grace For The Lost

1,165 Погледи

When Life Is Seemingly Unfair

870 Погледи

Is It Wrong To Celebrate Easter?

1,351 Погледи

The Believer's Life Of Grace

1,011 Погледи

Are You Ready To Fly Away?

1,032 Погледи

The Biblical Prayer That's For Today

1,042 Погледи

Don't Quit, Get Up!

1,088 Погледи


1,037 Погледи

Assurance of Salvation

5,543 Погледи

God Is Always Faithful

4,774 Погледи


4,653 Погледи

The Cross's Mystery

6,065 Погледи

What We Believe

5,177 Погледи

Страна од 2
1 - 35 од 45 видеа