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Jim Devney-Sermons

Jim Devney-Sermons

GracepointChurchPastor Jim Devney is becoming one of the best "Righly Dividing" teachers in the country.
His messages are definitely worth you spending your time studying the scriptures with him.

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Don"t Fear But Rejoice

59 Погледи

When Our World Is Turned Upside Down

293 Погледи

It's Time To Have Faith In God

212 Погледи

Interracial Marriage

129 Погледи


128 Погледи

The Prophecy

142 Погледи

The Day of Christ

254 Погледи

The Antichrist

169 Погледи

The Tribulation

344 Погледи

The Imminent Rapture

301 Погледи

The Three Comings of Christ

296 Погледи

The Rapture and Resurrection

276 Погледи

2020 Our Caring For Souls

304 Погледи

Communion Service 12-29-19

329 Погледи

Worship Him, Not Mary

270 Погледи

God's Secret Wisdom

291 Погледи

Do We Celebrate Christmas?

146 Погледи

Is The Gap Theory Necessary of True?

440 Погледи

The Length And Time Of Creation

116 Погледи

The Length And Time Of Creation

31 Погледи

Is Christ Enough For Us or Not?

158 Погледи

Is Christ Enough For Us or Not?

23 Погледи

The Only Gospel That Saves Today

176 Погледи


227 Погледи


97 Погледи

The Teaching of Scriptures Correctly

311 Погледи

We Can Change and Be Renewed

291 Погледи

Stop The Verbal and Emotional Abuse

98 Погледи

My Hodgepodge Message

305 Погледи

Todays Praying

776 Погледи

Healing Quacks and Biblical Faith

285 Погледи

Yes You Can Get Back Up

149 Погледи

The Mystery of Godliness

386 Погледи

Страна од 5
1 - 35 од 155 видеа