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Discover the Truth

Discover the Truth

DiscoverthetruthDiscover the Truth offers biblical truth from a Hebraic perspective.

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Myth Busting - Bible Myths and Legends

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Shocking Revelations

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The Prophecy of the Final Empire

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Parables and the Kingdom

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Secrets to a Successful Marriage, pt 3

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Does His Name Matter?

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Discover the Truth Talk Live, episode 8

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Hebrew Roots

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Compromise for Short-Term Gain

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One True Worship

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Were You Born Immortal?

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Guide to Proper Parenting

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Discover the Truth Talk Live, episode 6

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What Happened to Worship?

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Living a Life of Victory

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The Amazing Sevens

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Unlocking the Mystery of Grace

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Live the Book

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Discover the Truth Talk Live, episode 5

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Why Trials?

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Mistakes and Misques

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Jeroboam's Sin

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Repairing the Breach

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Prophecy from the Holy Land

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Avoiding Man's Worship

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Tainted Fruit

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Discover the Truth Talk Live Episode 4

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The Olivet Prophecy

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DTT from Israel "Prophetic Fall Feasts"

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Страна од 3
1 - 35 од 84 видеа