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includes 6,000 video minutes per year
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With your investment of USD 95 per year you are also doing a lot of good:

You are enabling cross.tv to impact millions of lives in 22 languages in over 250 countries. You can use the ad space to advertise for your own services, products, ideas, etc or you can create ad campaigns for humanitarian organizations and send them additional visitors!

How to use your My AdSpace feature:

1. You can purchase the ad space on your profile and media pages without using it.
You can purchase the My AdSpace feature just to support the cross.tv community without having to do anything. Cross.tv ads and community related ads will continue to appear on your pages.

2. If you wish to use all ad spaces for your own ads, you have to upload a graphic file for each of the banner sizes. Here are the banner sizes on your cross.tv profile and media pages:

- cross.ad (Text and Image Ad – create it yourself with our ad creator on cross.ads)
- Medium Rectangle – 300×250
- Leader Board – 728×90

3. You can combine your own ads with ads from the cross.tv community. Let’s say you only have a graphic banner for the “Full Banner” space at a resolution of 468×60 pixels and you are creating a cross.ad with your ad text and picture file, then the remaining ad spaces with other banner dimensions will be filled with ads of the cross.tv community.

Buying this product to own your ad space does not commit you to anything – it merely gives you the option to use it whenever you need it, or donate it to a humanitarian cause.

My AdSpace is a subscription product which auto-renews every 12 months unless cancelled in writing to office(at)cross.tv no later than 30 days prior to renewal date.

Thank you for activating your My AdSpace feature – it really supports the cross.tv community and the impact it has on lives around the world!