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рекламне комуне

Andreas1 је писао/ла на кросс.борду од vava

Andreas1 се придружио/ла молитви wake up call - prayer од vava

Andreas1 је написо/ла коментар на блогу TOP PASTORS SEEN IN HELL

this is heavy

Andreas1 је написо/ла коментар на блогу VISION OF THE NARROW ROAD OF LIFE

sound interpretation, I think

Andreas1 је написо/ла коментар на блогу We preach Christ crucified and Risen- Hungary

  We preach Christ crucified and Risen- Hungary

But now you have been set free from sin and are the slaves of God.Your gain is a life fully dedicated to Him and the result is ETERNAL LIFE (Romans 6:22) Father God, "we know that in all things God works for t…

Yes, Father let the souls in this country see your glory, your truth, how your love is. Please free those who are caught in sinfull racism. Make them aware of how they depend on your grace alone.


danke und gottes segen

Andreas1 је написо/ла коментар на блогу Meet the Religious Charlatan Teaching Totally Pretend History

Good to know there are believers who ask their Holy Spirit to critically detect and analyze teachings which mainly foster egoism rather than the message of Jesus Christ.

Andreas1 је написао/ла коментар на молитви од vava

may the Lords Spirit lead all your steps in the country you enter. May He open your eyes for those people in need for your specific talents He supplied you with. He is blessing you with all you need to be a blessing - Just unfold it :-)

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