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H. M. H Jr

ProfessorX|United States

The Jesus Revolution is a solution to rid the sin pollution inside and out. By God's power in this hour, we will never retreat from the beat of God's will in which we seek. - http://www.evolutionfacts.blogspot.com

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I join in concert with all the saints around the world that the glorious revelation of our Resurrected Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His gospel of the Kingdom would cover the earth as | још

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Наслов Уметник/Говорник Албум/Серија
1Revisionist History and Materialist Superstition in Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson 15:54JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
2The Law of Recurrent Variation Destroys Darwinian Evolution42:37JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
3Barack Obama Wants to give UN Control Over Internet 41:23JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
4Why Ideas about Human-Chimp Comparisons Are Misleading & Wrong11:16JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
5The War on Humans Waged by Darwinists, Socialist Progressives & Radical Animal Rights Activists1:04:00JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
6Molecular Data Wreak Havok on the Evolution Tree of Life11:13JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
7Obama's CommonCore Sex Education Grooms Children for Gay Sex - Normalizes Perversion23:32JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
8Atheist Intellectual Terrorists Attack Free Thought, Freedom of Speech, and Academic Freedom14:15JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
9Beyond the Evidence: Scientism as Religion09:30JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
10Irreducibly Complex: Behe on the Bacterial Flagellum09:23JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
11Darwins Doubt Changes Science and Culture - Dr. Meyer/ Klinghoffer on Michael Medved Show 37:06JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
12ID Scientist Douglas Axe Responds to His Critics15:33JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
13Letters to a Young Progressive by Mike Adams48:13JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
14Has Science Shown that we are Related to Apes? - Answer: NO10:30JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
15Living Like A Psalmist37:01JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
16Thinking College Students Toss Out Atheist Propaganda Over Encode & "Junk" DNA Facts45:01JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
17Darwinism Discredited As Unrealistic After Comparing Natural & Human-Engineered Systems19:29JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
18The Origins of Carnivorous Plants Bewilders Evolutionists32:44JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
19Intelligent Design and the Cambrian Explosion - Dr. Stephen C. Meyer16:58JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
20Liberal Media and Atheists "Anti-Science" Label Usage is Political, Not Scientific16:22JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
21"Anti-Science": Unpacking a PHONEY, Vague & Distorted Label16:45JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
22What's at Stake for Science Education06:23JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
23True Identity in Christ: Shame, Fear, and Control - Part 21:17:21JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
24True Identity in Christ: Shame, Fear, and Control - Part 11:17:33JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
25Evolutionists Discredited as Different Dog Breeds are NOT Evidence of Macroevolution35:04JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO

Страна од 24