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H. M. H Jr

ProfessorX|United States

The Jesus Revolution is a solution to rid the sin pollution inside and out. By God's power in this hour, we will never retreat from the beat of God's will in which we seek. - http://www.evolutionfacts.blogspot.com

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I join in concert with all the saints around the world that the glorious revelation of our Resurrected Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His gospel of the Kingdom would cover the earth as | још

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Наслов Уметник/Говорник Албум/Серија
1How Today's Peer-Review Policies would have Denied Einstein & Scientific Advance 13:48JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
2Einstein's Research Renders Darwin's Atheist Universe to Mythical Science Fiction42:33JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
3Darwin Activists Fight Academic Freedom with Gross Misinformation in Colorado13:06JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
4Mind over Matter: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and the Implications for Materialism16:57JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
5The Debate Over Darwin: Stephen Meyer vs. Michael Shermer12:24JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
6Theistic Evolution Is Nearly as Problematic as Atheistic Darwinism12:40JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
7Another Failed Evolutionary Icon: The Long-Necked Giraffe35:13JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
8Thomas Nagel and the Limitations of Scientific Materialism05:29JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
9Thomas Aquinas (Part 2) - Hero of the Christian Faith21:33R. C. Sproul
10Thomas Aquinas (Part 1) - Hero of the Christian Faith21:24R. C. Sproul
11Athanasius - Hero of the Christian Faith21:15R. C. Sproul
12Polycarp - Hero of the Christian Faith22:02R. C. Sproul
13Dr. Michael Denton Discusses the Remarkable Coincidences in Photosynthesis15:26JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
14Liberal Media Polls Over-Sample Democrats to Create the Illusion of Obama's Popularity21:24JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
15Atheist Evolution Paradigm Officially Collapses: ENCODE Project Finds Mass “Junk" DNA Functionality14:41JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
16Bill Nye "The Misinformed Science Guy" Wants to Censor Student Critical Thinking and Scientific Data17:13JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
17Frank Turek Exposes The Facts About Same-Sex Marriage54:05JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
18Former Atheist, Lee Strobel Annihilates the Atheist Universe44:15JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
19Lignin & The Coherent Design of the Ecosystem Undermines Darwinian Predictions, but Confirms ID's10:13JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
20Dr. Michael Denton on Evidence of Fine-Tuning in the Universe25:32JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
21Sounds of a Jesus Revolution: Putting Jesus Christ Back on the Throne of our Heart1:19:58JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
22Stephen C. Meyer Tackles the Question That Stumped Darwin13:22JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
23Exposing Dan Savage's Homosexual Lies about the Bible, which doesn't Condone Slavery.54:13JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
24"Ministerial Ethics" with Dr. Lynn Lucus at the RMF Convention May 7,20081:14:21JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO
25One Prayer: Lord Make Us Passionate (Pastor Jentezen Franklin)29:08JESUS REVOLUTION RADIO

Страна од 24