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"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in | још

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Moisés Barbosa

Hi Suvi, how are you?



Suvi F се придружио/ла молитви Visa situation од davidchosen


Welcome Suvi F to the cross.tv family. One thing you must remember that you are specially loved by God our Father and His family here in this remarkable means of social media. Razor

Aïcha Weber

Happy Birthday Suvi. May the Almighty Father in heaven grant you peace,joy, wisdom and unconditional love beyond your imagination. Enjoy your day. love you.

Suvi F се придружио/ла молитви PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN од Evangelist Magdalene

Suvi F се придружио/ла молитви Prayer Request од smile again!!

Suvi F је писао/ла на кросс.борду од Shamshad

Suvi F је обновио/ла личну страну


hello Suvi, its been a long time, do you still remember me?

Suvi F

Hi Rene, yes I do remember you! How are you?

Suvi F се придружио/ла молитви St. Francis' Prayer од michael7

Suvi F се придружио/ла молитви PRAYER FOR THE VICTIMS IN NEPAL AND INDIA од Laurand

Suvi F се придружио/ла молитви GOD"S FAVOUR од Evangelist Magdalene

Suvi F се придружио/ла молитви JESUS, THE ONE AND POWERFUL од Laurand

Suvi F се придружио/ла молитви God Give Special Strength to the Persecuted од Raeshell

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A secret worth billions of dollars

There's a little secret about the situation going on in the Middle East... If the world knew this, it would be a disaster...   There's a particular sovereign state which is receiving literally billions of dollars of donations for aid | још

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