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New day, new opportunities.

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Father, as we move forward with everything you called us to, we earnestly pray for the right new partner to come alongside CROSS.TV to advance, steward and lead this awesome social media | још

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Feb 25, 2008

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Hey there. Wow, busy monday. Great! I love it like that. Had lunch with Stefan and Stefan. (yes, two Stefans), talking about PR for cross.tv and some issues regarding video upload process. (yes, that concerns you, because it will determine, how and in what way you will be able to upload video content to cross.tv...) After that some more work in my office and then my parents came over for coffee, which was nice. Cause usually we see each other after church or from far away, since we are all so extremely busy and often I am on the road somewhere. So, it is good to take the time to sit down sometimes. Now, they are of to a meeting at the church and I am back to work. NRB is coming up and there is lots to organize still. Especially the question who will be on our team at the booth is in the air, and: where do I get a cappuccino machine in Nashville, Tennessee?