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Victoria Sh

Eliana7|United States

Jesus Christ King of Kings & Lord of Lords

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our lord we thanks for all of your mercy and grace we pray you for Amir has problem in his skin we want you father to cure his body. jesus we know that you hear us and touch him and cure | још

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Happy Birthday to you.


Happy Birthday to you


Hi Eliana, thanks for your mail, welcome ! You are rigth, we must not trust sevants from the antichrist satan. Bt, lt us share the good news of Jesus Chrit our Lord and Saviour! Our God is Love, Light, healer and a real Father! Blessings!

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God bless america i think the goverment of america should open the eyes about iran iran is the biggest wizard (spellbinder) and assist the devil we should not trust to some others that assist the devil.

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