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Christian Books|United States

"...and those who turn the many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever." Daniel 12:3

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Father God, hide those Christians who live and minister in places where Christians are persecuted for their faith "under the shadow of your wings."

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Listed below are some Christian fiction and nonfiction books that are currently available.

This book for teens uses cartoon-like pictures to present cutting-edge issues.  One youth chaplain said of the book: "I was very impressed with it..."  This nonfiction work is available from Xulon Press and amazon.com.  Here is a website link for more information:  http://www.facebook.com/ChristianTeenBook 

The Christian teen fantasy entitled Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart is available from amazon.com and from the Lighthouse Christian Publishing website fantasy page two at the following link: http://christianteenfantasy.webs .com 

The Midwest Book Review said of the novel: "This story is one of overcoming evil with the help of God, friendship, and helping your fellow man.  It is an entertaining and God-principled story that any teen should enjoy."

The Christian espionage novel entitled Heart of Terror is available now in ebook as well as in hard copy from amazon.com and from the following website: http://www.facebook.com/Christia nThriller


One reviewer called the book "a well-written, engaging novel".  He went on to say: "It is an entertaining and thought-provoking story".  The Midwest Book Review said: "Heart of Terror is an exciting twist of thriller and faith, very much recommended reading."

Christian Books је додао/ла нови видео Christian Thriller Trailer

Christian Thriller Trailer

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Christian Thriller Book Video

Christian Thriller Book Video

Here is the book trailer for the Christian thriller entitled Heart of Terror.  The Midwest Book Review | још

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