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Saint Peters is an historic church.  It was, until the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII, a Benedictine Monastery.  A church has probably stood on or near the present building since the 700's when the coast was settled.  The present building: the tower dates from 1470 and the main body of the church from 1720.  Following the recent fire it is unlikely that we shall have the use of the building before Christmas 2011.  But we are thankful to the head teacher at our local Church of England Primary School for the use of the school hall every Sunday morning at 10.30am as well as holding certain mid-week events.

The fire has brought considerable disrupption to our normal programme of events, but, it has also brought the community together in expressions of support.  At the moment there is a long way to go with industrial cleaners, restoration issues, electrical supply and general decorating.  We welcome the prayers of Christian folk during this time not only for our needs in continuing to serve the community but also for those individuals who, having a long association with the church, now experience sadness and a sense of loss.  People do become attached to buildings for many reasons and they need much prayer support.

For some time I have had a real sense of burden that the Church Universal needs the support of a dedicated body of people - men and women - whose task is to pray for ministry both inside and out our church buildings.  A body of intercessors who could meet together at least once a month for prayer and worship.  Although I have a burden for such a body of people, I have not, as yet, given too much thought to the possible structure (with the fire other events have overtaken things).  Comments ffrom interested brothers and sisters would be most welcome.  Fr. Bryan 


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