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I will be very glad to see your message)))

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Greetings to you all) I just want to thank God for what He is in my life .... For all His blessings in our lives ..... He loves everyone so much that He gave His Son .... I would have | још

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Help, please..... Dec 12, 2011 - Jan 12, 2012 2 Коментари

My dear Lord and God, the Creator of heaven and earth, I am so grateful to you for your life that you gave to me ... Lord, thank you for all the tests on my way, thank you .... Lord, I have a request to you, You see my heart, Lord, You see what I want to learn foreign languages​​, Lord, but you also know that I have no books or educational material ... God bless, send me, God, please .... Thou, O God, blessed me by one person who sent me the Bible into English and post cards that I can give to friends, parents, I'll very grateful for this person. But you see what I would like to have the Bible in some language. Bless my desire. Lord, you also see the problem of my family with money, you see that we only need to pay for communal services $ 300, and sometimes even for bread we don`t have money. God .... help ... Please help ..... AMEN....