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sarahlyn Lagrimas


Onward Christian soldiier

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CROSS TV हिन्दी

Welcome to cross.tv Hindi....

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St Aloysius

Thank you Yenyen for including me in your circle of contacts.God bless you and the work you and your father are doing for the kingdom.


Praise God for that! In 2002, I went on a missions trip to Mindinao, we had an awesome time and God did great things...can I encourage you to keep praying for Israel, Ps.122 vs.6 God Bless you, greet the church from me here in the UK


Hello Pastor Peter, I am glad about the missionary trip in Mindanao. What town you visited? maybe I know that place. It is my honour to invite you to come to my Father's church. and we have many pastors and churches connections. You will conduct a conferences and seminars. God bless, Sarah

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Hi there Sarahlyn, so nice to meet you, God Bless you! I am very interested in Gospel Light Fellowship, is it in Zamboanga, please tell me more about whgat wonderful things the Lord is doing there? My name is Peter, I'm a pastor living here in Wales, UK, but I don't have a church at the moment,


Hello Pastor Peter, Thanks for your message. About the Gospel Light Fellowship in Zamboanga city, Philippines. My father is the senior pastor of this ministry. Where are doing church planting in the rural areas and villages. So by God's grace there are 4 churches are established and more prospects

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