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Chriz Abobo


With God,nothing is impossible...

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Chriz Abobo


Децембар 25, 1978


Philippines (Abra)

Мој мото:

With God,nothing is impossible...

Моји циљеви:

To know my creator and have a deeper relationship with Him.

Моја црква:

Jesus Is Lord


Born Again Christian





Вештине и хобији:


Омиљени проповедник:

Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren

Омиљена музика:

Gospel,praise and worship

Омиљена група:

Don Moen,Chris Tomlin,Casting Crown,Hillsong,Darlene Zchech

Омиљена књига:

Bible,The Purpose Driven Life, S.H.A.P.E

Омиљени филм:

Fireproof Marraige, Facing The Giants, Letters To God

Моји хероји:

The One who pays for my sin JESUS

Омиљено место за одмор:


Породични статус:


Моја породица ми значи:

The best blessing from God that we have to treasure it like how we treasure our life.


Hi, my name is Latoya My collection of hot photos here http://cutt.us/j21xxx


I hope all is well with you? Anyway, I am Miss Anna, 23 years old, single, from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, I just want to say hi and if possible I hope to know you better, you can reach me through my email ID bellow because I am not always here.,- annakoffi2002@


Hello to all brothers and sisters in Christ,been away for so long and praise God to be back here again,sorry because I wasn't able to reply to all those who message and greet me for some occasion.Been very busy and struggling for something,glad to be here again.

chriz1 је додао/ла нову галерију 611 Bread of Life ANEW


Hi dear how are you doing? Am a devoted Christian and am here for a sincere search of a soul-mate. I await your respond


Calvary greetings to you in the most might and matchless name of the Lord to whom be all glory and through whom all spiritual blessings and anointings flow. I joined this wonderful site yesterday and came across yours now. I am a widower and would like to know more about you. Remain blessed. Graha


Hello how are you doing today am Micheal by name 52 years old single i want to meet a good Christain woman on here will like to be a friend am an engineer i love my job so much You can write me on YAHOO ((((micheal.khaled@ yahoo.com)))) Micheal.


Hi, am new here on this site. Can i get to know you?

Oasis of the Lord

May you have a wonderful day on your birthday Criz1. I shall not be anywhere near a computer or transmission signal to send a message on the day. So please accept the Birthday Greetings now with much prayer and sincerity.

chriz1 је додао/ла нову галерију

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