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what does business continuity plan

What does a Business Continuity Plan Typically Include?

Did you know that 93% of companies who fail to have a business continuity plan and who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year? Additionally, 96% of companies with a trusted disaster and recovery plan were able to survive such attacks and get back to business almost immediately.

A business continuity plan is a plan that allows for contingencies such as natural disasters, virus attacks, or any loss of access to the critical infrastructure of a business.

Assessing Threats and Risks

Your continuity plan needs to include everything that could possibly attack the infrastructure of your business to allow for any event that might negatively impact your general operations. The goal is to prevent IT downtime that would naturally occur from such an attack. The attack can be deliberate or it may be accidental. Intention doesn’t matter but getting the business back in working order is the focus.

Secondly, you must have a plan that preserves important data that is central to your business. The data might also include sensitive information that belongs to your clients and customers. Because your credibility is at stake, you must take the time to secure any data that could be used in a negative way and shut down any systems that are vulnerable.

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